Friday 12 May 2023

Thursday 11 May 2023

Happy birthday, Schoolovision!


Schoolovision on Tour

Greetings from Poland to the whole Schoolovision community from the partners who are enjoying a wonderful time together right now: Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine!

This is the final mobility within our Erasmus+ initiative during which we are also celebrating the 15th anniversary of our grand project.

See you in the voting conference tomorrow!

in front of the mural in Bogatynia

trip to Czocha Castle and the resort town of Świeradów-Zdrój

the three big guys of  #SV_on_Tour

Friday 5 May 2023

Ukraine - We are the future

We would like Ukraine to live in peace with its neighbors! We would like to have a future for our kids to have the possibility to become sportsmen, businessmen or top models. When there is war there is only stress and sorrow.
Every day we hear air raid sirens and see the destroyed cities and towns, lose our friends, relatives, fathers and grandfathers. However, we are singing about the future as we strongly believe that Ukraine will defend its independence and our kids will get peaceful professions and jobs!
Our song “We are the future” was written by the Ukrainian musician Anastasiia Komlikova, who, as all of us, is sure that our kids are our future!

We are future athletes,
Top models, businessmen
Let's go ahead and change the time!
We are going to follow the paths,
Where dads and moms have walked,
And now they are waiting for us!

Belgium - Afscheidlied - Goodbye song

Dear music lovers,

The 41 final year pupils of Qworzó - Merksplas - Belgium are very proud to present to you the Belgian entry for Schoolovision '23.

Our children were challenged to create their own song under the professional guidance of the academy for music and stage arts.

In the song "Afscheidslied", our children sing about their saying goodbye to the primary school they went to between they are 2,5 until they are 12 years old.

Be our guest, turn up the volume and sing along!


Het is de laatste week,
This is the last week,

hier in deze klas.
here in this class.

Wat voor ons een maand leek,
In what seemed to be a month

waar het soms heel druk was.
where it was sometimes very busy. 

De school eindigt hier alweer.
School already ends here.

Let's go naar het middelbaar.
Let's go to high school.

Het was een leuke sfeer.
The atmosphere was fun.

Voor ons is Qworzó klaar!
For us, Qworzó is finished!

A big thank you to de Academie voor Muziek en Woord de Noorderkempen &

Looking forward to reading your comments!

Good luck to all in this contest!

Kind regards,

Team Belgium

Turkiye - Bana Bir Masal Anlat, Baba (Tell Me a Story, Daddy)

As it has been known by the whole world:

On 6 February 2023, at 04:17, a Mw 7.8 earthquake struck southern and central Turkiye. It was followed by a Mw 7.7 earthquake at 13:24.

There was widespread damage in an area of about 350,000 km2 (about the size of Germany). An estimated 14 million people, or 16 percent of Turkiye's population, were affected. 

There were 50,783 deaths,297 missing and 107,204 injured across 11 of the 17 affected provinces of Turkiye. At least 15.73 million people and 4 million buildings were affected. About 345,000 apartments were destroyed. Development experts from the United Nations estimated that about 1.5 million people were left homeless.

Months have passed since the Great Maraş earthquake. 
While trying to quickly heal the wounds of the earthquake, people are striving to adapt to a new life and make new beginnings. Among all this pain, children with their never-ending smiles and energies are giving us hope. So;

we have dedicated our video clip to the memory of our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake and to all children who have been affected by the earthquake...

May all parents be with their children forever....

Tell Me a Story Daddy

tell me a story, daddy

in which are all the games of me

the wolf and the sheep

the sugar and honey

daddy, tell me a story

in which are the sea and the fishes

the rain and snow

the sun and the moon

hold my hand while you are telling

even if i fall asleep

don t go leaving me alone

 tell me a story, daddy

in which are all my beloved ones

in which is İstanbul

The Netherlands - Unite

We want to present Unite, performed by six students from Flexclass. This is a class where they choose to participate in extracurricular music lessons.

This is a song written by Zangexpress and 123Zing.
It's a beautiful song about uniting as friends from over the whole world.

We wanted to make the song more personal, so the students wrote their own lyrics with their thoughts about friendship and respect for others and other cultures. We are all the same, so we must unite as one. 
Thank you for listening and thank you for this wonderful project. 


Unite, unite     
    from the north to the south to the east to the west
Unite, unite  
   all the people 

Be nice, give a smile. Be my friend, it'll be worth your while. 
Trust eachother and be strong. Unite together with this song.

We are all the same, we must unite. Say what's your name. 
Trust eachother and we'll be allright and have to be tight. 

Unite, unite     
    from the north to the south to the east to the west
Unite, unite
   all the people 

Liefde is zo belangrijk of ik nu wel of niet op jou lijk.
(love is so important in spite of if I look like you)
We zijn het eens, we vertrouwen elkaar
(we agree, we trust eachother)
Wij zijn dankbaar 
(we are grateful) 

Ey, ey, toon een beetje respect, want iedereen is gelijk in elk aspect
(show respect, because everyone is the same in every aspect)
Of je van een ander geloof of ander ras bent, we zijn een. 
(if you're from another religion or other race, we are one)

Unite, unite     
    from the north to the south to the east to the west
Unite, unite
   all the people

Slovenia - Pogrüntey (Outsider)

It all started with a dream. She played bass with her band in that dream. The band played on a beach, and it sounded awesome.

Zarja woke up with a bass line still playing in her head. She quickly played the melody on her bass in order not to forget it. When she came back from school, she played it again.

The next time she met with her uncle Andrej, her bass teacher and mentor of Pogrüntey, a school band from Bistrica ob Sotli, Slovenia, she showed him the idea from her dreams, and he loved it. Immediately, they started working on a song. Zarja already knew the title, too. Outsider. "It should be about how it is if you are creative, independent, and think with your own head. And about how sometimes you get criticized and outcast for that."

Together, they started working on the lyric and the structure of the song. It took no more than two meetings. It was clear that they had found a new song for the Schoolovision song contest.

And here it is! Andraž, Julija, Eva, Vid and Zarja hope you like it.

Lithuania - tėvynė (homeland)



Greetings from Latvia!

We have song about cooking. Our 6th grade students prepared this song.

Good luck to all!

Thursday 4 May 2023

Croatia - Ja sam junak iz doline

We are very happy to present our entry for this year the traditional song "Ja sam junak iz doline". The song is about love for the motherland.

Italy - Mediterraneamente

Every day our students watch TV and see pictures of shipwrecked people arriving on our Island Sicily. They ask questions, they ask why, and we, adults, must answer honestly.

Pupils of the 4th grades C-D-E of 3° Circolo Luigi Pirandello di Bagheria Italy, discussed poverty, hunger, war but also they discussed how important it is to welcome and protect those fleeing from fear. 

Singing this song, they want to pass to you their feelings.

Enjoy our performance and good luck to everyone


Music and lyrics: Giuliano Ciabatta

Take a sheet of paper, build a boat

Then you put it in the sea and sail it

And plowing the waves towards distant dreams

Think of how many children are coming,

Think of how many adventures between hope and fear!

Chour 1

Mediterraneanly look how many people

Like little fish in the current

In this roundabout

They look like dolphins 

Among the bubbles and the tides that always go up,

Further up, then down,

Further down, this way

Over there

Without borders on,

More up then down,

Further down. This way

Beyond without borders.

Take a sheet of paper, let's build a box

We set up desks and a schoolteacher

Many different faces and somewhat strange languages

Now close enough to understand them,

Think of this adventure, no more fear.

Chorus 2

Mediterraneanly look how many people

Like birds in the current

In this circle They look like seagulls

Even against the wind They already know how to fly and go up

More up then down,

Further down. Here

Over there

Without borders on,

More up then down,

Further down. Here

Over there

Mediterraneanly think how many people

Like little fish

Mediterraneanly look at those people

Like little birds

Mediterraneanly think how many people,

Mediterraneanly look at those people

Without Borders,

Without borders, 

without borders.

Israel - Love is in me

Love is a place that can be found

In us all

Love is in me

Love exists in me


The song talks about the ability to find the love within us, which is our strength  to overcome all life's challenges.

At first, Love was beyond reach and sorrow was around.

The writers looked for love everywhere.

They sat and thought where could it be found.

They realized that love is inside of them.

The most important insight is that our hearts will remain open to love, and to be loved.


Greece - The light in our soul - 7th Primary School, Mitilini

Children's mental health matters! Let's protect the soul of every child in the world!

Bulgaria - Smile song - 22 SEU "G.S.Rakovski"

A smile makes us beautiful.

With a smile we share our happiness with others.

A smile can make others happy, too.

A smile has magical power.

When you are sad, smile!

Everything is easier when we smile.

Dear Schoolovision 2023 friends!

The students from I B class and their teacher - Aneta Lukanova 
from 22 SEU "G. S. Rakovski", Sofia, Bulgaria, with pleasure and smiles present the song "Smile" - music and lyrics by Maria Ninova with the hope of making you smile.


Music and lyrics: Maria Ninova
All little happy children
with smiles they grace the world.
All the moms and dads are looking at them
and enjoy children's laughter.
Chorus: x2
Ha ha ha, give me a smile!
Haha ha, be my friend till the end!
Ha ha ha, hand out!
Ha-ha-ha, stay with me!
The world is beautiful with a smile,
with a good smiling word.
If you are sad, go to a friend
and the smile quickly include!
Chorus: x2
Ha ha ha! During the hard days,
ha ha ha, it's easy with a friend, right?
Ha ha ha, snap your fingers,
Ha-ha-ha, and a smile include!

Malta - Peace

We are very happy to present our entry for this year… P-E-A-C-E.
Humanity is thirsty for peace, but will it ever happen? Is peace possible? Can one’s mind ever be quiet and satisfied in our world today? These questions were asked by children. We discussed them, strengthened by genuine prayers coming from little hearts of gold. I think, yes, peace is possible if all men contribute and do their part to ensure peace in their little environments, as peace dwells within our souls.

Peace is contagious and it will eventually spread around the world. It is found “inside the storm to keep you as one whole.”

Here is a snippet of our refrain:
Give me a P (Paċi)
Give me an E (Pacem)
Give me an A and C
Give me an E (Salaam)
What’s that spelled? (Shalom)
What’s that spelled? (Paċi)
That is spelled
Peace! (Peace)

Hope you enjoy our video and song. Good luck to all participants.

Estonia - Bear forest Jenka - Jüri Gymnasium

Hello, dear friends of Schoolovision!

We are very happy to present the Estonian song of the Schoolovision 2023 project. Jüri Gymnasium students are participating in this project for the first time. We are grateful for this opportunity. We've had a fun journey from finding the song to making the video. It's been exciting for us.

Song description:

In the evening, the game and dance starts in the large native forest. Many animals have been invited to the party. There are squirrels, lynxes, cats, wolves, bears, foxes, rabbits, hedgehogs, moles and moose. Even the moon looks from the sky and wonders what kind of dance it is? There is friendly dancing and playing of instruments. Everyone is very satisfied, happy and no one is grumpy. The name of the dance is Jenka.

France - Toi plus moi

Hello, dear Schoolovisioners !

Here is the french entry: Toi plus moi

This song was choosen by my pupils (from 6 to 8 years old) and is about how you can get stronger and change things being and working together, helping each other !

Wednesday 3 May 2023

Iceland - Ó geit (O´goat)

The six girls from 4th grade in Flataskoli are working with OK, a song that was competing in the Icelandic Eurovision runner up contest 2023. They changed the lyrics to singing Ó geit (O´goat) instead of OK. The song is about being wise on your life´s journey.

Austria - Colorful - VS Köflach

We are very happy to show you the austrian Song for Schoolovision 2023.
For the first time the VS Köflach takes part in it, so the children are very proud and had a lot of fun!

The song describes what you can achieve if you stick together as friends and as a group.
Because only together we are strong!

It doesn't matter what you look like, where you come from, or what social background you have.
You are good the way you are



Manchmal frag ich mich ob ich wirklich dazu gehör,
Fühle mich wie ein unbenutztes Zubehör,
Doch dann kommt von irgendwo ne Stimme her,
nimmt mich bei der Hand und sagt zu mir dass ich besonders wär.

Und das ist erst der Beginn,
Bin jetzt mittendrin,
Es macht alles plötzlich Sinn,
Denn ich bin gut so wie ich bin!

Auch ohne Plan musst du nicht alleine stehn
Schließ dich uns an, lass uns zusammen gehn

We are big we are small we are beautiful,
together we create something magical
We are Short we are tall we are wonderful
Hand in Hand we're strong cause we are colorful

Woher du kommst - absolut nicht relevant,

ganz egal - wir sind immer tolerant
Wie wertvoll jemand für dich ist erkennst du nicht anhand
Seinem Aussehen ihrer Größe oder einem Kontostand

Ja gemeinsam sind wir mehr,
und viel stärker als bisher.
Was jetzt leicht ist war mal schwer
das Glas halb-voll und nicht halb-leer

Auch ohne Plan musst du nicht alleine stehn
Schließ dich uns an, lass uns zusammen gehn

We are big we are small we are beautiful,
together we create something magical
We are Short we are tall we are wonderful
Hand in Hand we're strong cause we are colorful

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Kindergarten "Ivančica" Usora

We represent Bosnia and Herzegovina with the anthem of our kindergarten "Ivančica". In English it means "daisy". The song celebrates childhood, nature and all the joys of kindergarten.

Children aged 3.5 - 6 took part in the filming. This audio and video-making was a real challenge with so young participants. We are very happy to participate in this project.

Ivančica "

Squinting with one eye

They jump to kindergarten

With the happy song of the birds

Ivančica opens the door.


Aunts laugh at everyone

They don't hide their joy

The bag is carried by a handful

Ivančica is waiting for the children.



Ivana, Ivana, Ivančica

Happy children are singing

Ivana, Ivana, Ivančica,

Full of boys and girls.


They play and do something,

They are sweetened with colorful bonbons

The player's leg is bouncing

Always playful Ivančica.


When they have to go home

The kindergarten locks the door

Like a broken twig

Ivančica remains sad.



Ivana, Ivana, Ivančica

Happy children are singing

Ivana, Ivana, Ivančica,

Full of boys and girls

Spain - Hope Colour (Color Esperanza) - CEIP ELVIRA VAQUERO 2023 SCHOOLOVISION

Dear friends of Schoolovision,

The students of the "Elvira Vaquero" Elementary School are very excited to participate in this fantastic project again, representing Spain from the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.
In this edition, the students have chosen the musical theme "Color Esperanza", with the intention of transmitting all the boys and girls in Europe, that a better world is possible, where joy reigns and in which little by little poverty disappears, so do wars, injustices, a world where is better to fail than never had dared to try something new. The song sends a message that makes schoolchildren reflect, a message of hope for a world where children do not suffer, world free of violence, where the equality between men and women becomes a reality; one world where we can live in peace, knowing that one can get out of difficult situations, offering the lyrics of the song numerous positive and motivating messages.
'Color Esperanza' has been associated with many difficult moments in our history, without going any further, the pandemic in which we were immersed just a year ago.
For this, a video has been made in our closest environment, which gives identity to our land, like the sea, through the coast of Telde and corners and landscapes of the Valsequillo Village, in the middle of Gran Canaria, our island.
With "Color Esperanza" we want to send a message of peace, social change, progress to all of Europe, not seeing everything in a negative way, finding new illusions, full of faith, trying to believe in dreams and forgetting the bad things that happened, inviting all the boys and girls in Europe to "Paint our faces with the hope color...", where positive things prevail, leaving negativity behind, in order to progress, move forward
By being united we can achieve a more beautiful world in which to live, tempting the future with our hearts, this is how the message ends that we want to send from the Canary Islands, Spain, to our friends in Europe.

Basque Country - Bueltan Da - URDANETA SCHOOL

We are delighted to share with you all our primary students project for Schoolovision 2023. The song we´ve chosen, “Bueltan da”, is an ode to freedom and joy after the pandemic. We hope you like it as much as we loved the shooting at the beach and the studio recording. It has undoubtedly been a very enriching experience for us to live.

Rosa Mugarza

Monday 1 May 2023

Slovakia - Zvieratká

"I take my fish for a walk every day!"

"My snake broke a leg last year!"

"I bought new pink shoes for my centipede yesterday."

"I brush my turtle fur twice a day!"

"Our mole loves watching cartoons."

That's what the kids told the teacher about their pets. Are you also making fun of your teacher?

Friday 28 April 2023

Poland - Góry do góry (Mountains up)

We are happy to present Polish song for Schoolovision 2023 project. A song of the popular Polish children's group Małe TGD is about children's faith and power. 
Perhaps not everyone will notice, but the song is partly in Polish, partly in Ukrainian. Our Polish and Ukrainian students sing together. 

Góry do góry (music and lyrics Piotr Nazaruk)

You're walking through the beautiful world slowly
Suddenly stop!
Some wall, menacing shadow
Oh it's fear is a great mountain of fear
But you don't fear, just believe
If such mountains cannot be jumped over
If such mountains cannot be circumvented
So mountains up a child's faith
Can throw them into the sea at once
Mountains up, the sea can't wait
For the big "plum"

The Czech Republic - Kdyby byla Morava

This year we chose the folk song Kdyby byla Morava, which is often sung at folk festivals and concerts. Folk songs are songs whose original author is unknown. Hustopeče is located in Moravia, so folk songs are close to us. We created the video clip ourselves with the children. 
 Chorus: Ale že je Morava malučká, ošidila dcérečka synečka, 
               ale že je Morava malučká, ošidila dcérečka synečka.

Tuesday 25 April 2023

Germany - What do you love?

What do you love?
This was the question our pupils were asked when they started working on this year's entry.
After two intense weeks of transforming the resulting lyrics into a song, developing a dance choreography as well as recording audio and video, we happily and proudly present the German entry to Schoolovision 2023.

Me and you, me and you, me and you - let's make life a theme park
Me and you, me and you, me and you - you and I together with others every day
Me and you, me and you, me and you - because we need a WE in our presence
Me and you, me and you, me and you - let's live our own dream like Peter Pan

Monday 24 April 2023

Finland - Viidakkolaulu / The Jungle Song

Kurittula school is very happy to be able to represent Finland in the Schoolovision 2023 contest! Our song this year is a famous Finnish children's song: Viidakkolaulu (The Jungle Song). We don't have jungles in Finland, so it's a very exciting world for us. Welcome to our jungle!

Viidakkolaulu / The Jungle Song

(Composition Jussi Rasinkangas, Lyrics Juhani Konola, Lyrics in English Pauliina Kaksonen)

© Warner Chappell Music Finland

  1. Where a wanderer will be followed by eyes, who will dare to arrive.

You won’t be left alone in the jungle, your steps will be heard.

A hundred eyes over there following you, steps all around you.

Bakela ee matabele pelite.

  1. The sun sets behind the woods, every twig has fingers. 

Touching the nightly wanderer. No need to hurry anymore. 

A hundred eyes over there following you, steps all around you.

Bakela ee matabele pelite.

  1. Howling from a distance, something flying by.

The jungle is crying, whining, the morning seems so far away.

A hundred eyes over there following you, steps all around you.

Bakela ee matabele pelite.